Just don’t think much

How do you know if you are moving in the right direction? How do you know if you’re gonna succeed at what you are doing? How do you evaluate situations? At some point we usually think about these questions. Well, no one can give accurate answers on these questions nor there is a direct formula for every stuff we do. However, there are certain steps that might help. Let’s see, shall we?

You always are in a journey to accomplish something. It can be your startup, your project, your website, or something personal like your goals or dreams. (I will be referring these activities cumulatively as tasks). At some time we might stop and analyse- Am I doing it right? If not, you might want to ask these type of questions.

Lets talk to the point now. Its true our actions speak louder than words. So when we do a task, your perseverance, time management and focus plays a significant role as your actions. Asking questions to yourself brings out the answers hidden in the dark.

What is my target? How should I measure my success? What is my vision? Does my employees/ friends share the same vision? What would you want with your friendships? How would you like to structure your family?

These first set of self evaluations questions shouldn’t be retrospective in nature, they should help you look forward. Your second set of self evaluation is a set of micro-habits that can be combined for a greater impact.

Complete Dedication

Make sure when you pick a task, you dedicate your 99% of dedication to it. Remaining 1% can be used to check your direction of task. Sometimes your actions can be too focused to take you off the path. Keep driving and keep checking your map.

Multi tasking isn’t a real thing

There is no such thing as multi tasking. All you do is switch from one brain intensive task to other, it drags down your productivity. (Btw, Stanford research proved it.)

Focused Energy

Imagine a company with 2000 employees having same vision and energy towards one goal. The combined energy of thousands of people can change the world. Companies like AT&T, Ford and Apple are very good examples where perseverance in employees can be seen. Same can be applied for individual level and task as well.

Planning and Clear Visualization

Pockets of outstanding actions mixed with luck is a radical distortion of thinking. Plan your actions, short time-long term goals, plan your day and see the results. Sometimes you might not visualize your goals, that’s totally ok. Sometimes you know, you just don’t want to say it, that might not be ok.

Concise choice of thoughts and words

Your feelings and thoughts are magnetic to the universe. You will attract what you think. Feelings are emotion, emotion is energy and energy is magnetic. Be in control of your faculties, after all they are your primary tools.

Master your Time

A human mind is most efficient from 4 am to 10 pm. Many successful people owe their success to early mornings. Be efficient for certain hours of the day. Working all day might not be the best decision. You don’t want to burn out right?

Kill bad habits

Use habit forming methods explained by Nir Eyal’s books Hooked and Indistractable. Habits will help you to move forward in with a discipline. Discipline has the power to dominate your knowledge.

Don’t be sorry

Its time to stop saying Sorry and start saying Thank You. Gratitude is a powerful way to sync with the happy frequencies of the universe.

Everyone is chasing something and wants to be successful. Some will, some won’t. Least we can do is inspire others and help achieving their goals.
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